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Preparing For Your Visit

"Your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference.  Thank you" so much!


– Rose S.

Physical Therapy Session

What happens during my first visit?
The licensed physical therapist will initially ask you a series of questions to get a general idea of the dysfunction or injury. The questions will revolve around the level of irritability of injury, general responses of injury, how it is impacting your daily life, what is your injury or dysfunction preventing you from doing, etc. The physical therapist will then begin their assessment of the injured area by measuring range of motion, strength, flexibility, as well as special tests to determine the source of the dysfunction or injury. The physical therapist will inform you on his or her findings and explain the plan of care and if physical therapy will be beneficial or make recommendations to further help. Once the assessment has been concluded, the physical therapist will begin treatment based on their professional decision. The Physical therapist will set up a home exercise program for you to begin at home which to improve your pain and condition. The home exercise program provided is extremely important as you will spend a vast majority of your time outside of the clinic. It will help progress you quicker if you reinforce the exercises at home in concurrent with physical therapy treatment sessions. Typically, you will follow up with your physical therapist 1-3 times a week. The initial visit runs 45 minutes- 1 hour. We ask you to come 15 minutes early to fill out all of the paperwork in order for you to be ready at your
appointment time to maximize the amount of time with the physical therapist for the evaluation. 


What do I need to bring with me?
You will need to bring your insurance card, referral for physical therapy form your MD if required (you may call to check if your insurance requires one), list of medications currently taking and if applicable, results to any x-rays, MRI, or other imaging performed. Also, bring co-payments and/or deductible payments.

How should I dress?
It is best to wear flexible and comfortable clothing. It is very common to wear work-out clothes such as sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts, or possibly tank top with tennis shoes. The physical therapist can get a better idea and picture of your condition if they are able to see your knee or shoulder, for example. You are more than welcome to bring a change of clothes and change at the clinic.

How long will the treatment last?
Treatment times will vary based on the clinicians professional opinion. Typically, treatment will last 30 minutes-45 minutes. Your physical therapist will discuss the amount of treatment time that will be needed to see progress and maximize the benefits of physical therapy at your initial evaluation. 
How many visits will I need? This highly depends on how you are progressing with physical therapy. This can range from 1- 30 or more visits. If you are not progressing as you should, the plan of care will be adjusted and recommendations will be made at that time. Once you have reached all of your goals and have reached your maximal medical improvement, you will be discharged from physical therapy. 

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