PWI is your own customized, individualized and personalized fitness and performance center located in the heart of Greeley. All staff has a minimum of a BS degree and multiple years of experience in designing the perfect program to meet your wellness, health and performance needs. No longer do you need to wonder if your exercise routine is good for your joints or is causing additional problems. Each PWI client will receive a comprehensive orthopedic evaluation before any program is initiated.


  • Fitness training like no other facility in Northern Colorado 

  • Our total functional training approach results in increase of strength and energy,

increased anti-aging, weight loss, decreased injuries, and improved quality of life.

  • A team of exercise physiologists, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists, Athletic

trainers, and Massage therapy are at your side through every step of your journey.

  • Serving Northern Colorado for over 11 years with a reputation for meeting client desired


  •  Our trainers take pride in keeping up with the latest research and attending regular

continuing education courses to provide the most current workouts and results you have
come to expect.

  • Computerized monitoring of heart rate to ensure maximum program benefit and safety is


  •  Multi-joint, multi-planer activities are not possible through the use of state of the art

customized equipment achieving unparalleled results.

What make Performance Wellness Institute (PWI) Different?

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West Greeley: 970-339-5319

Johnstown: 970-451-5093

Denver: 303-920-1200